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Book Direct for your summer trip!

Do you book on Airbnb, VRBO,, or any other Online Travel Agency (OTA) when you plan a work trip or vacation? If you do, you are paying more. You are supporting ‘the man’. You may possibly be damaging the local economy of your favorite vacation town as well.

These are trying times.

There are a number of vacation rental companies splashed across the country that have placed all of their rental eggs in the Airbnb basket. COVID-19 will undoubtable be the end of their companies and watching their imminent end is incredibly heartbreaking.

Not diversifying your booking channels is short sighted as a vacation rental business owner but in the early days of a start up, using a ready-made revenue source is undeniably seductive. I know. I have added the Inn to many of these sites to jump start our bookings.

Here’s the deal.

Many vacation rental companies up-charge your OTA booking, and they should! The OTA is taking not only an additional booking fee from you, the guest but charging as much as 10% to the host company and holding your money, sometimes for months on end while you wait to check in. You will ALWAYS save money by booking directly with a local vacation rental company. Again, YOU WILL ALWAYS SAVE MONEY BOOKING DIRECT.

Right now, Airbnb is refunding all rentals through the end of April ignoring the individual companies cancellation policies. I get it. These are unusual times and there is no real playbook. The rental companies and the homeowners that they represent will be out all of their rental monies but guess who is not? Airbnb. That’s right. Airbnb is not refunding their fee.

Book local.

When all of this insanity has come to an end, and you are ready to plan the your next get away, book the Red Barn Inn. Check out Vantage OC if you are heading to the beach, or choose any local vacation rental company. Pay less and support their local economy.


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