To Quarantine: verb 1. impose isolation on (a person, animal, or place)

It is odd to me that quarantine is considered a verb; there is no action involved.

I appreciate the positive vibes that people and businesses are offering, really I do, but in all honesty I don’t love this forced time out. It is a daily mental wrestling match to stay focused on the future. I am getting loads of projects completed at the inn, but I miss my chaotic, jumbled, edge-to-edge Maryland state line life.

Here is what I do enjoy.

My family. It is a rare time when all of us are in one space together and I am reminded how much I really LIKE them. We laugh A LOT, although much of it is to Schitt’s Creek references.

Our inn. My girls and I stayed the night in the inn a couple of nights ago and it is really comfortable. When I wander down the long winding drive, it feels as if the worries of the world drip away. I just love it and I so hope that you will too.

My partners. I miss them. We are social distancing which is a dream come true for them and sheer torture to me. This is much harder on the average extrovert.

My social media followers. People are incredibly creative. I particularly love the humor that rises above all of this, particularly from the parents that are now forced into teacher-appreciation mode as they struggle through the adventures of homeschooling. I did that for a period of time years ago, but never thought to teach my children chemistry through mixing cocktails. Brilliant.


  • 1.a state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed

It is indeed a state, period, and place of isolation. It is my hope that it will end soon and we can go back to our chaotic, jumbled lives where corona is just a summer beer best sipped with a squeeze of lime.

Join us at the Red Barn Inn when this is all over for less by purchasing a BOGO now! Call 301-387-3373 or email me at and take care.

~ Lori

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