Small Hops Forward

Opening up slowly in this time of COVID

Yesterday finally offered a beautiful sunny afternoon at Deep Creek Lake and after days of the less-than-fun job of refinishing pine hardwood floors, an outside chore was calling.

At some point in the history of what was the North Glade Inn, Tammy and Fred dug a deep hole, surrounded it with rocks from the property, tossed in a pump, and a waterfall was born. It has been much-neglected with the renovation and I suspect long before even that so Chad and I decided to give it a good cleaning. Unbeknownst to us, this particularly slimy bog was home to a rather large toad. He/she was not so excited to have a clean home, but as of today, he has chosen to remain. I’d wager that he is betting on our tremendous number of chores and the obvious truth that keeping his home clean will not rise high on our priority list.

Keeping Our Home Clean

Cleanliness in our spaces is of high importance in this pandemic environment and opening the inn post-COVID is heavy on our minds. We already use CDC recommended cleaning supplies and disinfecting touchpoints has been a high priority from the start. Our inn is newly renovated with all new furniture, mattresses, linen, and rugs. It is the safest space available. Technically our inn falls in the motel/hotel category and thus we could have taken bookings throughout the Maryland quarantine period. We elected to not do that as the health of our community trumps our need and desire to gain revenue. It was the right thing to do.

Where do We Go from Here?

Our desire is to hop gently into this new environment; to open slowly, provide the tools for the safest stay possible, follow the Airbnb model of keeping the inn empty for 72 hours after a check out, and begin to offer our beautiful, iconic, and special space to those ready to venture forth in this new normal.

Ready to Book?

If you are ready to get away from your quarantine space, we are here for you; clean and safe. Call us today at (301) 387-3373 to learn more or book direct here. Freddie would love to meet you.

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