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About Us

Power of Family

Red Barn is all about family, some born of the same parents and others adopted out of love and a shared vision.

Jamie, Chad, and I worked on the concept and found the perfect property and then all of our people jumped in with ideas, tools, and excitement to create the beauty of what is now Red Barn from the history that was the Harvey Farm and the North Glade Inn!

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Meet The Family


Lori Livingston

Lori & Dave have four children, Blair, Taylor, Abby & Johnny, one son-in-love Jack who is married to Blair and the most precious grandson in the universe, Bo.


Jamie Hauser

Jamie has an extensive history in the construction and design field of residential properties as well as a diverse background with a multitude of skill sets. He has worked in the real estate rental world for the last 5 years as well as being in the construction industry for the past 15+ years. Jamie's specialties range from custom design, to hand carved custom concrete creations, to assisting property owners with making the best decisions about their personal homes and investments. Jamie is willing to go the extra mile with strategizing and the implementation to best assist home owners with important decisions when it comes to their investment properties.


Chad Ward

Chad is the uncle to all of the kids, but his niece Carly and nephew Eli are his MVP's.


Anita Lowdermilk

Anita is a true vacation rental expert, having worked in nearly every space within the industry from housekeeping and laundry to guest management, owner acquisitions, and more. You may have seen Anita slinging drinks for more than eleven seasons at the Honi-Honi bar. Friendly and outgoing, Anita is active in her church and loves hitting up Swallow Falls and all the other local state parks.


Jessie Wismer

Director of Marketing

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