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Terms & Conditions
Red Barn Vacations

Sample terms and conditions
Your exact terms and conditions may contain slightly different language, specifically in regards to the sections regarding pets and provided watercraft, depending on what is offered at the home you booked. You are responsible for understanding listed amenities/rules and adhering to them. 

Payment Schedule 
Is your vacation within 30 days of booking?

That's awesome! Time to get packing-- but first we require full payment in the form of a credit card (credit card processing fees apply) or e-check. This was likely taken care of at the time of booking, but if not, let us know, so we can process your payment and secure your stay right away.

Is your vacation outside of 30 days of booking? All we need is an initial deposit today using a credit card (credit card processing fees apply) or e-check. 

Amount owned at time of booking: 50% payment required
60 days before arrival: 25% payment required 
30 days before arrival: final 25% payment required; payment in full is expected at this time 
Please note: Unless approved in advance, all reservations opt-in to be automatically charged to the credit card or checking account on file in accordance with the amounts and intervals above. A notification will be sent to you at that time.

(Seriously, you should strongly consider adding insurance!)

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of your ability to get away. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance. Travel Insurance covers many of the unexpected situations that can derail a vacation, including sickness, death, and rough weather. While you are under no obligation to purchase travel insurance to protect your trip, we highly recommend that you do so. 
As soon as you book a home, it is taken off the rental market and the homeowners are provided a forecast of their earnings, by which they are able to make financial plans. Losing that income is synonymous to you losing a paycheck. For that reason, if your reservation is canceled, all payments will be forfeited and our cancellation policy applies-- unless, of course, you purchase Travel Insurance, and make a claim for reimbursement through the insurance company. 

Accepting Travel Insurance: Coverage begins the day after we receive your first full payment. Once accepted, it cannot be removed from the bill. Visit https://www.redbarnvacations.com/travel-insurance to learn more about the cost of travel insurance, what it covers, and  add it to your stay.

Declining Travel Insurance: If you do not want to insure your investment in your travel plans, we ask that you first read the cancellation rules stated in this agreement. You can ask to add Travel Insurance into your bill at any time, up until the point that you make your payment in full (some limitations to coverage may apply).

Making a Claim: In the event that you have purchase travel insurance and must cancel, all claims must be made through the claims process policy outlined in the Travel Insurance policy itself. Red Barn Vacations is not involved in the processing or administration of the benefits of Travel Insurance. If a claim for coverage is rejected, Red Barn Vacations standard cancellation policy applies. Travel Insurance is offered through Rental Guardian. For claims, questions and more, you can contact them at 833-425-5099 or www.rentalguardian.com.

Red Barn Vacations Cancellation Policy (if no Travel Insurance Has Been Added): If a reservation is canceled more than 30 days outside of arrival, your initial payment will be forfeited and you will be released from financial liability on the remaining balance owed. Cancellations within less than 30 days of arrival will result in 100% loss of all payments made, less the damage waiver, which will be refunded. If we can rebook the dates within the same house, we will refund you 90% of the recouped rent, after the check-out date of your original reservation. While we will make a good-faith effort to rebook the home, we cannot guarantee that the home will re-rent.


NO PARTIES: All our rental homes are in residential areas and may NOT be used for weddings, receptions, parties, or large gatherings. Any disruptive event could result in eviction and forfeiture of the entire rental amount. At no point, may the number of guests in the home exceed the maximum occupancy listed for the home in this contract.

NO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES: No illegal substances are allowed in the rental, and minors should not be in possession of alcohol. Violations will result in eviction from the property and no refunds will be issued. 

NO COMMERCIAL OR UNLAWFUL USE: The home may not be used for any commercial or unlawful purpose including, but not limited to, using, manufacturing, selling, storing, or transporting illicit drugs or other contraband.

NO SMOKING: No smoking or vaping is allowed within the home. If smoking outside, guests must maintain an acceptable distance (recommended: 20 feet or more) from the home, as to ensure that no smoke ends up in the home. It is the responsibility of the guest to keep the home free from all smoke and signs of smoking, and the ground clear of cigarette butts or other signs of smoking. Signs of smoking include: cigarettes, vape pens, or drug paraphernalia found in the home, or on the grounds, as well as signs of smoke in the home and/or odor of smoke in the home. Red Barn Vacations staff may make the determination that there is the odor of smoking in the home in our post-departure inspection and thus determine that guests were smoking during their stay. In the even that smoking is found to have occurred, the contract holder is responsible for all damaged caused by the smoking, including, but not limited to, stains, burns, odors, and removal of debris, guests may face immediate eviction without refund, guest are in breach of this agreement, and the contract holder will be charged a $1500 smoking fine. 

NO EXCESSIVE NOISE: We have a No Tolerance Policy regarding excessive noise, parties, or disruptions to neighbors. Garrett County strictly enforces Quiet Times between the hours of 11pm and 8am, nightly. Deep Creek Lake is a thriving community and it is important that you understand that many of the families that reside on either side of your chosen rental home live and work here. They are not on vacation. Please be mindful of the noise you are creating, particularity when on decks and enjoying hot tubs. Hot tubs are inherently loud-- and when you add music and loud talking, the noise can be disturbing the neighbors. Should we receive complaints, you may be evicted at our discretion.

If the house you booked is not pet-friendly

NO PETS: No pets are allowed within the home or grounds of the home. In the event that a guest needs to bring an ADA-compliant service dog, Red Barn Vacations must be alerted in advance of the stay and adequate documentation must be presented. A $175 dog fee will be charged in the event that an ADA-compliant service dog is permitted to stay at the property. If any animals are brought to the home without approval, Red Barn Vacations may impose the following: a $500 fine, eviction of the dog, and/or eviction of all guests with no refund. Guests would be responsible for any damages caused by the animal(s) and possible additional deep-cleaning charges, outside the $500 fee. 

If the house you booked is pet-friendly 

PET POLICY: This home is a dog-friendly property. Dogs must be declared to Red Barn Vacations in advance of stay; a non-refundable $175 dog fee is required to be paid in advance of your stay. You may only bring two dogs to the home. Dogs must be well-behaved. When walking dogs around the property, dogs must be leashed and you must clean up after your dog. Any damage to the home or property from dogs is not covered by the damage waiver; you will be held financially responsible for the repair or replacement of anything damaged by pets in the home.

If the house you booked provides watercraft, advertised in the listing

WATERCRAFT LIABILITY: Guests are welcome to use any kayaks and/or paddleboards located on site, but please be aware that safe operation of these watercraft and the wearing of life vests are renter responsibility.  Life vests may not be included for guest use and are strongly encouraged.  (If you see life vests at the house, you are welcome to use them (and return them after), but availability and sizing is not guaranteed) We do not accept liability for any accident or injury that may occur due to use of any provided watercraft. Life vests can be rented from High Mountain Sports, a local sports shop. https://highmountainsports.com

Reservation Approval: All reservations are subject to management and property owner approval. Online rates are subject to change without notice. Should there be any issue with the reservation, you will be contacted within 48 hours. 

Unavailability: On occasion, the unit booked may become unavailable, often due to reasons outside of our control. In the event the home you renter becomes unavailable, we may substitute a comparable unit or cancel this Agreement and refund in full all payment made.

Approved Guests: The home is to be used solely as a personal vacation residence by approved guests only. As contract holder, you are responsible for any guests that use the property during the term of this agreement. You may not exceed the maximum state occupancy of this home at any time. 
Unforeseen Circumstances: Management will not assume liability for any loss, damage, or inconvenience caused by, but not limited to, the following: weather conditions, natural disasters, pests, construction, acts of God, wildfire/smoke, road closures, lack of snow, frozen pipes or other reasons beyond our control. There shall be no refunds available as such instances are beyond our control. 

Management Entry: Red Barn Vacations employees, and their approved service vendors, have the right to enter the home, at any time for the purpose of making necessary or agreed-upon repairs, for maintenance or to supply service, to verify guest compliance with this contract, or in case of emergency. 


Lost Items: We assume no responsibility for lost, stolen, or abandoned items.  If an item is knowingly left behind, we will visit the property to look for it, as soon as the home becomes unoccupied, but we cannot guarantee that the item will be found by our team. Reasonable effort will be made to contact you for return of lost items, in the event that they are found within the home. Up to a $25 handling charge, plus the cost shipping, will be charged to the contract holder or willing member of the traveling party, if a lost item is shipped. We will not be held liable for condition of said items. Any items not claimed for longer than 30 days may be donated, sold, or disposed. 

Mail Service: You may ship directly to the home that you are staying in, using Fedex or UPS, while you are in the home, however we cannot guarantee delivery or the security of packages. This will be up to the shipping agent and shipping receiver to arrange. We are not responsible for any lost, damaged, or delayed deliveries. Returning late deliveries after a guest has left will incur up to a $25 handling fee, plus cost of shipping.
Personal Property and Injury: i) Owner Insurance: Guest personal property, including vehicles, are not insured by or the responsibility of the Owner or, if applicable, HOA, against loss or damage due to fire, theft, vandalism, rain, water, criminal or negligent acts or others, or any other cause. Owner/Management does not insure or indemnify against personal injury to Guest, guests, or licensees due to any reason other than the condition of the Premises. (ii) Guest Insurance: Management recommends that Guest carry or obtain insurance to protect guests and their personal property from any loss or damage. (iii) Indemnity and Hold Harmless: Guest agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Owner and Management from all claims, disputes, litigation, judgements, costs and attorney fees resulting from loss, damage, or injury to Guest, guests, or licencees on their personal property. (iv) Guest is responsible for paying for damage waiver insurance, which is collected and allocated specifically to repair/replace any loss from accidental damage that occurs in the Owner's home or contents within the home by a paying vacation rental guest. The proceeds from the Insurance are paid to the Owner at the sole discretion of Management in consultation with the homeowner. Any intentional damage to the Owner's home or contents is not covered by this insurance and is the sole responsibility of the Guest.  

Cleaning: The home is professionally cleaned in between each renter arrival. Guests will arrive to a clean property. Should guest usage and activity require additional service beyond the scope of regular cleaning services, the guest will be charged for any associated costs incurred. 
Property: The home you have booked is subject to changes in both furnishings and amenities, in between time of booking, arrival, and departure. None of the furnishings pictured online or listed amenities are guaranteed.

TV/Cable/Satellite/Internet: No refund shall be given for number of devices, outages, content, lack of content, or personal preferences with regard to cable, internet, satellite, and television service. Services are provided as a convenience only and are not integral to this agreement. No refund shall be given for speed, access problems, lack of knowledge of use, or personal preferences with regard to these services. 

Audio and Video Surveillance: For security purposes, some homeowners choose to have video and audio monitoring devices places around the exterior of their homes. 

Air Conditioning/Heating: Guests may not set the Air Conditioning unit below 72 degrees or the heat above 78 degrees; fans shall be set to "Auto." Doors and windows shall be closed when either heat or A/C is in operation. There are no refunds for lack of, or malfunctioning, HVAC units. 
System(s) Failure: In the event that the home sustains a failure of a system, including but not limited to water, sewer, septic, electrical, gas, plumbing, mechanical, appliances, heat pump, ventilation, pool, hot tub, or other system or structural systems, neither the home owner nor management shall be liable for damages, nor shall any refunds be granted for such failures. However, we will make an effort to promptly repair or replace the failed system or equipment, and in such an event, the guest agrees to permit us, or service vendors, to have reasonable access to the home for inspection and/or repair. 

Pool, Spa, and Hot Tub: Guests understand that, if the home has them, any on-site pools, spas, or hot tubs, may not be fenced or secure. Guests understand and agrees to be responsible and liable for any damage that may occur to the pool, spa, and/or hot tub, and any relevant supporting equipment, through misuse and/or negligence. 

Pool Alarm: If you are renting a home with an indoor pool, it is Garrett County code that the pool alarm must be operation and that door must remain closed. You will be required to push the alarm button found near the doors upon entering and exiting the pool each time. 
Snow and Plowing: We will come plow the property for snow with every four inches of accumulated downfall. 
Ski Access: Homes that are listed as Ski-In/Ski-Out, Ski Access, or advertised as being homes fit for skiing are subject to weather are subject to weather conditions. We cannot be held responsible for weather/snow conditions that make these homes ski accessible. No refunds will be given for lack of snow. 


Arrival and Departure:  Check-in time is no earlier than 4:00 PM on your arrival date. This time may be delayed should unforeseen circumstances arise. Check-out time is NO LATER than 10:00 AM on your departure date. Early Check In and Late Check Out options may be available for purchase for an additional fee. Please contact our office at 301-387-3373 or info@redbarnvacations.com to check if these are available for your stay. 
Number of Vehicles: Each home has a designated number of allowed vehicles, set by Garrett County ordinance. For the home you rented, the allowed number of vehicles is {reservations_unit.allowable_vehicles}. Please be mindful that a boat trailer, when allowed, accounts for one vehicles in your total. Should you exceed the allowable number of vehicles, you will be asked to move any additional vehicles. Should you neglect to do so, you may be evicted from the property. Street parking is not permitted and could result in towing at your expense. 
Condition of Home: We ask that you examine the home thoroughly upon your arrival, making note of all furniture, appliances, fixtures, and landscaping issues, if any, and shall immediately report any notable findings. We will make every effort to repair or replace any necessary item.  
Maintenance and Reporting: You are required to properly use, operate, and safeguard the home, including all systems, furnishings, amenities, and appliances, keeping them clean, sanitary, and operational to the best of your abilities. You must notify us of any problem, malfunction, or damage, as soon as it occurs. 

Upon Departure: You will be provided a set of instructions related to departure. You are responsible for completing the instructions, vacating the property by the agreed upon time, remove all belongings from the home, and return the home to use in the same condition, less ordinary wear and tear, as received upon arrival. 

Mediation:  The contract holder agrees to mediate any dispute or claim arising out of this agreement in the State of Maryland, or any resulting transaction, before resorting to arbitration or court action. Mediation fees, if any, shall be divided equally among the parties involved.
Joint and Individual Obligations: If there is more than one guest, each one shall be individually and completely responsible for the performance of all obligations under this Agreement, jointly and individually with every other guest.

Entire Contract: All prior agreements are incorporated into this agreement, which constitutes the entire contract. It is intended as a final expression of the parties' agreement and may not be contradicted by evidence of any prior agreement or contemporaneous oral agreement. The parties further intend that this agreement constitutes the complete and exclusive statement of its items, and that no extrinsic evidence whatsoever may be introduced in any judicial or other proceeding, if any, involving this agreement. Any provision in this agreement that is held to be invalid shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision in this agreement. The waiver of any breach shall not be construed as a continuing waiver of the same or any subsequent breach. 

Release: In consideration of the right to visit the home, you agree to release to the fullest extent allowed by law, the Owner and its management, members, officers, associates, employees, agents, representatives, attorneys, assigns, and affiliates from all liability or responsibility of any kind whatsoever for any personal injury, death, property manage or other loss sustained by you, your minor children, any guest traveling with me, or any guest allowed onto the property during my rental dates, due to any cause whatsoever, including without limitation negligence on part of Owner or Management. I understand that this release will bind my heirs, administrators, executors, and any other person or entity seeking to claim under or through you. 

Red Barn Vacations
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