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Guest blog by Jessie from Red Barn Vacations. Every year, my family comes down to Deep Creek for the annual Art & Wine festival, benefiting HART for Animals.

The whole crew in a previous year. 

It’s a highlight of my year: great local art, wine galore, and time with my favorite people. Thanks to this year’s understandable cancellation of the festival, we’ve been forced to get creative. That’s right: we are hosting our own ‘ DIY Art & Wine Weekend’ at the lake! Here’s how you can do the same (any weekend of the year):

The Art

The Wine

Charitable Donation Made to HART 

For many of us, the drive to the lake is an exciting time. It’s the first taste of your vacation, and an opportunity to bond with your loved ones. With the setting sun illuminating the sky, the road unfurling before you, and the eager anticipation for your arrival, all the ingredients are there for memories made and laughter shared— all before you ever see our rolling hills.

Here are a few suggestions to make this time extra special:


Song Tag
The driver picks a song to play first: any song will do. From there, the front-passenger starts thinking of a song similar, in some way, to the one playing. It can be similar in sound, theme, or lyric— or even something more abstract. Once finished, the front-passenger plays their selected song and the rest of the car sees if they can spot the connection. From there, the rest of the car takes turns picking the next song. This is a great way to explore a wide variety of music together!

One person picks a category like ‘NFL teams.’ Players take turns listing teams, one by one. The game continues until someone hesitates or repeats an answer.

Split the Car
Every passenger takes turns posing ridiculous’Would You Rather Questions’ with the goal of splitting the car between the two choices. If the question ‘would you rather be able to fly or speak every language?’ yields two votes for ‘fly’ and two votes for ‘speak every language,” the question poser wins for successfully ‘splitting the car.’

Found a great way to spend the time on your trip to the lake? Let us know!