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Smart Safety

Those of us who have ventured into a restaurant lately have quickly learned to use our smart phones to review menu items.  It’s as simple as opening your camera app and focusing on the black and white squares to connect to a webpage.  No paper to touch and instant information at your finger tips. Smart Safety in the times of COVID.

QR Codes and the Vacation Rental Industry

QR codes have experienced a rebirth with our 2020 restrictions. We at Red Barn Vacations have embraced this technology and discovered innovative ways to use it to support our homeowners.  In neighborhoods that allow signage, we have not only added our unique branding, but a qr code to every sign.  The qr code directly leads potential guests to a deeper knowledge of the home that they are standing directly in front of!

How Does it Work?

If you find yourself driving past one of our elite vacation homes, stop and open up the camera app on your phone.  Point it at the black and white box and you will notice that the qr code will be framed in yellow.  A prompt will appear at the top of your screen, suggesting that you open up the webpage in your browser.  Click on it and dive into the property description, interior photographs, floor plans, reviews, and availability.  Easy Peasy.

You can even book the home directly from your smart phone!  Give it a try and let us know what you think.

If you are interested in working with an innovative vacation rental management company that is different by design, call us today to talk about your Deep Creek Lake vacation rental home and ways we can protect and promote it.

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I don’t know enough about the history of the Harvey Farm, but I want to learn more.

Just prior to the COVID tidal wave that washed over all of us, I was able to briefly connect with a number of the Harvey family members. We made tentative plans for a mini reunion at the farm.  I have much to learn and hopefully that reunion will take place in a post-COVID world. Here is what I know so far about the basecamp for Red Barn Vacations.

Life Before the Lake

The Harvey Farm was very large in the 1800’s and full of dairy cows.  The lake wasn’t yet created and the property flowed where ever the eye could see.  The family worked very hard by day and ate and slept in the small farmhouse that sat above the pond by night.  I know there were apple trees on the hill near the top of North Glade.  The towering oaks that line the drive even today stood as witnesses to the growing family.

Garrett County Stone

As the story goes, stone was added to the farmhouse sometime in the 1920’s.  It was taken from land owned by the family that is now part of the Deep Creek State Park.  The same Harvey brother who added stone to the farmhouse, stoned the beautiful church across the street from Uno’s and the Honi.

Three Brothers

Three families lived in the Stone House in the 1900’s, all brothers. They lived one family to a floor.  Just imagine living with your grown siblings!  As we renovated, I often wished that the walls could talk, and now and then they did, spilling out ancient images and even a few beautifully written notes.  They felt like treasures to us.

Potatoes Everywhere

The Harvey family moved away from cows and planted potatoes in the 1970’s.  The potatoes were stored in the barn and ultimately shipped to Hanover to become chips for Snyder’s of Hanover.  After the harvest, the Harvey’s were known to welcome the community to the fields to collect any leftover potatoes.

The White Barn of Long Ago

As you can see, the red barn was white back in the day.  I am not sure when in its history it was painted the red that we see today.  There were numerous outbuildings and a garage where the inn now stands.  The same white rail fence lines the drive and there were a couple of silos, the foundations of which will become the new wedding stage at Red Barn.

Murder in the Hood

It is the weekend of Halloween so who can resist a little tale of murder? No one can dispute that the women of Garrett County are tough.  It is hard to believe that the

sweet face to the right was capable of carving up her husband, but evidently she did somewhere around North Glade.

The Dream of the North Glade Inn

Next up? We will share the story of how the Harvey Farm became the North Glade Inn with out next blog post.  Do you know more of the history of the Harvey farm?  Share your memories here or on Facebook.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram and share our posts everywhere!