When you stay at the Red Barn Inn, you get access to an incredible community perk: FREE GOLF!

The feature is available to anybody staying with Red Barn Vacations at Fianna’s Landing, Chateau Royale, the Stone House at Red Barn, or renting the entire Red Barn Inn, or any of the individual rooms at the Red Barn Inn. Pretty sweet deal!


With a par 3 difficulty, this is a walk-on and walk-only course that does not require any reservations. Clubs aren’t provided, so you’ll want to plan ahead and bring some clubs from home. Usually a driver, a mid-range club, and a putting wedge suffice if you are looking to cut down on bulk, but you are welcome to bring your full bag!



Directions to the course (only a one minute drive away) are provided once you check in to any of the eligible locations. There is also a community mini golf course near the entrance to the course. Bring your putting wedge!